3 Reasons To Gift Forever Roses

Why are forever roses so popular?

Here's a quick 5 minute read on Forever Roses in the UK. Over the last few years the popularity of Forever Roses have shot through the roof. I mean, seriously, that's all I see on Instagram now.

So what's making them so popular? Well, the release of Beauty and the Beast in 2017 helped in creating a demand. A rose that lasts forever, It's all everyone wanted and being honest, I did too. This was the groundbreaking moment for Forever Roses. A gift that keeps on giving.

So, check out these top 3 reasons why LK VERDANT Forever Roses are the perfect gift. 

1. They Last Forever.

Forever Roses, as the name suggests are there to last forever (well technically up to a year). Our Forever Roses are picked and preserved when they hit the perfect bloom, so your Forever Rose can look pretty for years to come. That means more rose for the buck.

Psst. our client's tell us they do last longer. That's our secret, we can't confirm nor deny.

2. Zero Maintenance.

Flowers that don't need water? Really?

Yes really, the best things are always the most convenient things. Forever Roses are just that, it takes zero effort.

Forever roses, don’t need sunlight or water.

Even without any maintenance, these roses will look fresh and full of life for up to a year or so. So set them down, and leave them to look pretty.

Tip: keep them looking pretty, give them a little brush now and then.

3. Eco-Friendly.

Well, yes, they're completely natural and last a long time. This means less farming, fewer journeys and they're super easy to store. Go green and save money, kill two birds with one stone (not literally).

Busting the common myths

Myth 1: They're just artificial roses.

Nope. Forever Roses are real roses, picked at full bloom and preserved.

Myth 2: Forever Roses, Eternity Roses, Everlasting Roses and Preserved Roses are all different things.

Not at all, they're all the same (but different?- seems to be the saying these days) but named/branded different.

Myth 3: Forever Roses never die.

Unfortunately, this is not true! :( 

We trialled several forever roses over the last 4 years in different conditions and sadly some have withered.

Remember to keep them away from direct sunlight, heat, liquids and moisture.

Why do we trial them? Simply put, we care about what we sell. We're here for the long haul, so we take pride in what we do. Oh and we put our name on it.

Send a Forever Rose to someone you love or treat yourself #selflove

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